Fixed incorrect truck route sign on Saxon. Relocated an improperly placed fire hydrant. Traffic lights, speed limit reduction signalized crosswalks for A1A. Speed limit reduced on North Causeway Bridge.

Crosswalk enhanced for Bert Fish now Florida Hospital New Smyrna.

Pedestrian crosswalks for Saxon painted.

Motion successful in Raising NSB employee’s min. wage to 10 dollars an hour.

Authored resolution to ban seismic testing. Proclamation for centenarian Mr. Vince Canepa. Proclamation for 80-year-old Mrs. Martha Skinner.

Traffic signs for the fire station on 44 and on beachside.

My requests for a BMAP(basin management action plan)at county meetings was denied. However, that effort led to the creation of the Reasonable Assurance Plan for Mosquito Lagoon which will improve its water quality.

Proclamation for Mr. Richard Grove as a good neighbor and citizen activist.

Proclamation for appreciation of Hospital Workers. Authored Resolution to ban fracking.

Crosswalk pedestrian improvement at St. Peter the fisherman church on Saxon Dr.

Raised $3800.00 for Lions club improvements after flood damage to their location in NSB.

2017 Lion of the Year recognition for my food drive efforts for children’s meals.

Raised money for electronic notebooks for Coronado Beach Elem.

Proclamation for Fla. Native Plant Society Paw Paw chapter.

Fought for and was successful in implementing a Community Garden for NSB.

Responsive to residents requests by making my successful motion to reduce building heights and lower densities in the beachside, commercial, and hospitality zones.

Tyro Beachwear demolished.

Asked for and assisted residents with a 4 way stop sign for Oakwood and Cooper Streets.

The 27th ave park improvements in progress…

Successfully assisted Sea Woods residents for their flashing beacon crosswalks at Oyster Quay and Sea Woods Blvd.

Spoke at a Transportation Planning Organization meeting and assisted my city in acquiring 1.2 million dollars for Turnbull Bay Bridge repairs.

Acquired Florida State Historic designation sign for Gabordy Canal.

Successful Motion to decriminalize less than 20grams of marijuana for first-time offenders.

Authored Resolution to ban offshore drilling and fracking. Intervened on residents requests to the county for rapid flashing beacons at Oceanwalk condos.

Landscaped islands on South Atlantic Ave.

Sidewalk repaving for the historic community on Faulkner Street.

Spearheading local control to stop open burning on large tract land clearing.

Working with residents and Police to increase awareness and enforcement on speeders.

Endorses improved stormwater infrastructure on all future projects for a cleaner lagoon.

Supports quality of life issues for the New Smyrna Beach residents by fighting runaway growth and sprawl by increasing open space for fresh water recharge for our aquifer.

Interested in maintaining the character of the city and a quality way of life for New Smyrnans so that we don’t become just another exit on I-95. He wants us to maintain a sense of place.

Jake endorses shopping locally and supporting Mom and Pop businesses.

Still fighting for full manning on a fire truck and for a full-time city operated fire rescue transport.

Endorses increasing our police force.

Against runaway growth when our current infrastructure needs upgrading.